17-Year-Old Boy Was Brutally Beaten By Alabama Police While In Handcuffs!


  • Philip King

    You have to realize cops are very sensitive…they have that sense of entitlement ,with legal clearance and privilege . the world revolves around them …cops may have an obnoxious attitude, by anything you may be asking them… be evasive , will not listen , or respond to anyone if asked a question , deliberately and flagrantly torment you….cops will yell at you… have anger issues …and just become annoyed , and easily loose control ….They can never be wrong and always have to have their way….at times , may causes trouble in order to attract attention , basically escalate situations …Now if you look this up on the internet…this is whats known as a BRAT…But also easily scared…you know , like a bratty little girl…

    Now , what is a man ? A man is someone who has grown up , mature, knows how to treat people, is responsible enough to handle his own emotions and or life situations and takes responsibility and accountability for himself ….

    So this 17 year old boy may , or may not refused to comply with commands from the officers … force used was reasonable and necessary, police said. Obviously cops focused on his face , not his arms and placing them behind his back to handcuff …i guess this must be a tuff teen.. cops just cant control this teen correctly , I wonder how many cops it took… family, activists, and members of the community are demanding answers as to why the 17-year-old was so severely injured and waiting to see police body camera and dash cam footage…so how long will this take ? Will the police respond back in a timely manner , or just take their time…after all , their special , privileged …i guess the world will just have to wait..